Established in 2011

The University of Guelph Robotics Team (UGRT) is a student-run robotics team from the University of Guelph, in Ontario, Canada. The team is comprised of mainly undergraduate engineering students from a variety of disciplines. We maintain an inclusive, dynamic environment that is divided up into sub-groups. The electrical, mechanical, communications and software sub-groups work together towards our common goal.

Our common goal is to advance robotics at the University of Guelph through increasing interest and teaching new skills to our members. The more we can all learn together, the more successful we are as individuals and as a team. 

To achieve our common goal, we work on our main project – the Mars Rover. In the 2019 Canadian International Rover Challenge we placed 6th overall and won the Best Rookies award! We will return to the 2022 competition even stronger!

Other than the Mars Rover, we have many awesome side projects like the Sumo Bots, drones and mini-rover. We also host workshops every semester. Our past workshops have focused on topics like Solidworks Tutorials, 3D printing, PCB design, Python, and C++ introductions, microcontroller programming, ROS introductions, and test driven software development.