Mars Rover

The Mars Rover is our main project, and we bring it to the annual Canadian International Rover Challenge. The rover is constantly evolving, and it is a culmination of many other smaller projects. Some of these smaller projects are listed below.

Members working on the rover

Wireless Communication

The Rover relies on different types of wireless communication to function. Most communication to the Rover is with long range wi-fi antennas, but we also use LoRa and Bluetooth. All these technologies must work together to ensure the Rover is always connected to the basestation.

Sumo Bots

At the beginning of each year we host an introductory sumo bot competition for all of our new members. This is meant to teach our members the basics of programming Arduinos to use different sensors and actuators. This serves as a starting point for them to build onto while they’re on the team.


UGRT hosts a variety of workshops throughout the year. These serve as a way to introduce new members to the field of robotics.