Our Sponsors

UGRT graciously thanks our generous sponsors for their support! Please check them out below.

Stratosphere Sponsors

Connect Tech Inc.

Connect Tech is a local custom computer hardware design and manufacturing company, and has provided us with a Carrier board for our NVIDIA Jetson module. Thank you Connect Tech for your generous support!

Dave's Armory

Dave's Armoury is a Robotics Consultant Company and a YouTube Channel that works on fun projects. During the Summer he donated a Jetson Computer and loaned a ZED 2 Camera. Thank you Dave for your support!

Mesoshpere Sponsors


ROBOTIS makes electronic hardware for robotic applications, including DYNAMIXEL smart servo motors, which we are currently implementing on our rover's robotic arm! Thank you, ROBOTIS - we're glad to have you as a partner!


Ciena is a telecommunications company that develops cutting edge optical network infrastructure. Thank you, Ciena for your support!

Bittele Electronics Inc.

Providers of full turn-key PCB manufacturing and assembly. Thank you, Bittele for your support!

Additional Support

Solidworks Student Sponsorship Program

Providers of the CAD and simulation software we use to design and test our Mars Rover.

3D Printing Canada

Providers of 3D printers, supplies, parts and helpful advice.

Deploy Depot

Providers of our Ubiquiti wireless communication gear.

Lab Fund/Guelph Engineering Society

Labfund is a student-funded grant that exists to help cover the costs of equipment and supplies required by engineering students and clubs. Labfund is run by the Guelph Engineering Society, and thanks to it, UGRT has always been able to have everything it needs to allow our members to work to their full potential!